Department of Applied Statistics
  • Education Objectives
    This department is specialized in cultivation professional personnel in the area of business statistics, industry statistic and Big Data statistics. We focus on not only the application of statistics techniques, but also the related practice, such as telephone polling and statistics software implements. In order to increase the students’ competitiveness, we also provide some industry activities fitted into the relevant courses. Furthermore, we encourage the students to add their values by taking computer courses as well as second major so that they can popularize the statistics skills and bring some innovation to the industries. Consequently, the students will have gained professional statistics techniques and workplace skills including business management by the time when they graduate. Therefore, this department plays an important role in statistics specialization and cooperates industry-academy with the alumni in the central area of Taiwan.
  • Educational Features
    1. Through industry-academy cooperation with industries and practical experience outside of school, students can learn by doing.
    2. Teachers and students share opinions with each other during irregular advising sessions.
    3. Training courses improve students’ usage of the statistics software.
    4. Students are encouraged to apply for interdisciplinary and minor programs to develop their second specialty.