Department of Nursing
  • Education Objectives
    1. Cultivating nursing students with eight core competencies, namely general clinical skills, knowledge in basic biomedical science, communication and teamwork capabilities, caring, critical thinking, ethics, accountability, and life-long learning.
    2. Enabling students to demonstrate the three features of the Department of Nursing: health science knowledge, safety skills, and quality service. Graduates are able to achieve the professional duties and get the trust from patients/clients, their families, and society.
    3. Enabling students to provide patient-centered holistic care and be capable in workplace.
  • Educational Features
    1. To integrate theoretical knowledge and clinical practice together and provide multiple options for students in stimulating their learning motivation and potential in the field.
    2. To integrate core nursing competencies into the curriculum and clinical practicum programs.
    3. To provide students with extensive clinical learning experiences for enhancing professional nursing knowledge, attitudes and skills, as well as nursing experiences.
    4. To enhance students' professional development and preparation to meet the changing requirements of actual environments, as well as to promote the highest standards of nursing care through innovative practices.