Department of Japanese Studies
  • Education Objectives
    The department consists of four programs including five-year, two-year, four-year and master programs. The goal for the four programs is to educate the students to excel in Japanese, English, and business knowledge. In order to increase students’ learning opportunities, the department also cooperates with the government, industries and the sister universities in Japan.
  • Educational Features
    1. Major in Japanese, and minor in English and business.
    2. Fulfill the language training programs, internship programs, Japanese University students exchange programs, and company tours.
    3. Cooperate with enterprises and invite experts from industries to assist teaching.
    4. Instruct students to acquire correlative certifications.
    5. Stimulate the potentiality of the students.
      The department divides the course into five fields which are " Japanese skill subjects", " Japanese culture society subjects", " Commercial skill subjects", " Step-up language subjects”, and " English skill subjects". On the basis of these five fields, the department establishes appropriate credit percentage which corresponds to the teaching philosophy of integrating Japanese, English and Business into the program.
    The faculties have a variety of teaching specialties, including Japanese education, Japanese economics, Japanese literature, Japanese and English communication skills, Chinese and Japanese translation, Japan society, Japan politics and diplomacy, etc.