Department of Information Management
  • Education Objectives
    Our teaching goals emphasize training in both theory and practice. Students are trained to be professionals in the field of integration of business applications and information techniques, as well as specialized information system techniques. Graduates are expected to be molded into outstanding professionals who not only have the capability of rapid adaptation and self-learning to adopt up-to-date information system technologies, but also have professional ethics and the spirit of service.
  • Educational Features
    To meet the need of occupations in Information Management market, we provide some core courses of Business Management, Information System, Cloud Computing, and Multimedia System to our students. We wish the students can be qualified in the related occupation positions of information technique and business management. The students are also encouraged to study for higher degree in Information Management.
  • Curriculum Features
    • Practical team projects
    • Certification and license coaching courses
    • Business internships
    • Collaborative teaching with industry experts
    • Special course programs