Department of Finance
  • Education Objectives
    The Department aim to cultivate entry and mid-level managers that would excel in their respective professional fields. Graduates will attain independent thinking ability, technical knowledge as well as global perspective.
  • Educational Features
    1. Equal emphasis on theory and practice:
      The prerequisite courses are set on the basis of the need of the respective industry. Courses are not only designed to facilitate practical aspects of finance and Fintech industrial seminars but we also encourage students to obtain professional certificates.
    2. Seamless bridging of industry and academic cooperation:
      The Department actively seek industry-university cooperation programs establishing sound relations with firms in the central part of Taiwan, providing further internship opportunities for our students.
    3. Diversity in teaching and research:
      The Department offer a wide range of courses, incorporating fields such as financial management, investment management, insurance, international finance, financial institutions, financial regulation, trusts, and financial innovation. The field of research of our academic team is also comprehensive, with disciplines including applied economics, applied statistics, corporate finance, corporate social responsibility, deposit insurance, econometrics, financial economics, financial information, insurance industry financial analysis, international finance, investment, risk management, macroeconomics, market microstructure, mathematical finance, options and futures market, quantitative analysis, quantitative finance method, real-estate investment.