Department of Distribution Management
  • Education Objectives
    Our department is based on the focus of our national development, industrial needs, and the cultivating of multi-skilled professionals in our excellent technology university. The objective of our department is to cultivate excellent professionals capable of distribution theory and practice, achieving the goal of vocational education.
  • Educational Features
    The curriculum includes basic business discipline and common professional knowledge, and two core course fields: logistics management and retailing management. Our curriculums also incorporate information technology application courses. Additionally, in order to increase students’ practical knowledge and experience, our curriculums also help students’ gain international certification, undertake a graduate project, internships, and enterprise visits. The curriculum of our graduate program includes two fields: logistics and business management with the goal of cultivating and enhancing students’ capability of theoretical logic, integration, and innovative research. Our graduates are encouraged to continue study in domestic and foreign institutes. In addition to pursuing further studies, many of our graduates have passed national exams for government jobs or worked in distribution-related industries.