Department of Commercial Design
  • Education Objectives
    Based on the integration of marketing communication, aesthetics, and visual communication, students are introduced to modern thought and scientific methods to learn products, packaging, advertising, print, audio-visual and display design knowledge and techniques. The Department aims to cultivate not only students’ abilities for planning and producing various types of media, but also team spirit and work ethics, so that students become exemplary design personnel.
  • Educational Features
    Four major areas of design knowledge are covered in our Department: 1) fundamentals of design theory, 2) design skills, 3) professional knowledge, and 4) design integration. Advertising design and packaging are the two major subjects of teaching, which are further subdivided into courses such as advertising design, packaging design, printing and editing, picture book illustration, photography, audio-visual, computer animation, network communication, exhibition design, and so on. Industry-academy cooperation projects are integrated into teaching, so that students not only will combine both theory and practice, but will also be seamlessly integrated with industry as soon as possible after graduation.