Department of Applied Chinese Language
  • Education Objectives
    With a long history and an increasing influence of Chinese culture, Chinese has become one of the most popular languages in the world. Taiwan has been advocating its cultural and creative industry, of which Chinese is the basis. The enhancement of Chinese literacy and cultural understanding is essential for national and individual development.
    The Department directs students towards diversification, globalization, and digitalization. Curriculum design addresses both traditional content and practical uses of Chinese language and literature. We cultivate students in the Chinese humanistic heritage and train them to appreciate great literary works and express themselves elegantly, stimulating their innovation and planning ability as professionals with cultural creativity essential to all industries.
  • Educational Features
    Training professionals such as editors and journalists to be vanguards of cultural industries using languages and multimedia technologies; training Chinese teachers to contribute to the spread of Chinese language and culture. Our curriculum educates students to apply what they learn in traditional literature and professional applications to daily life. It is also practically designed to improve students’ abilities in languages and information technology, making them ready to work right after they graduate. The common career choices of our graduates include: teachers, writing teachers, broadcast reporter, editor, advertising copywriters, monument guides, script writers/writers, public officials, public relation practitioners, and so on.