College of Information and Distribution Science
  • Key Features
    The College of Information and Distribution Science focuses on "intelligent life" and "value-added technology" in the direction of integrated development of intelligent IoT (Internet of Things) application services. We apply intelligent service on the technical platforms into the information service and distribution related industries. Combining business intelligent and healthcare fields, we cultivate talents for the information services and distribution industries and toward interdisciplinary and international cooperation. Our international academic partners include the University of Cincinnati (USA), University of Texas at Dallas (USA), Muroran Institute of Technology (Japan), and Huaqiao University (China).
  • Organization
    The college includes 3 departments and 1 center:
    • The Department of Information Management/Elite
      Department of Information Management regards business management, information systems, cloud networking and multimedia systems as core competencies. The Elite Program of Information Application regards mobile application design and multimedia interaction application as core competencies. Students are encouraged to interact with industries to satisfy the personnel demands of the industry and realize their career development.
    • The Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering
      This department is based mainly on information Communication and Digital lifestyle which includes two major focus areas for development, namely, Embedded Systems and Network Communication Technology. The aim is to strengthen professional training for information engineering talents, and to cultivate students to acquire the capability of information engineering and teamwork ability so that theses talents will be equipped with humanities and technologies. After training the information professionals, the students should be pragmatic, loyal, innovative and international.
    • The Department of Distribution Management
      Department of Distribution Management regards logistics management and retailing management as core competencies. In order to increase students’ practical knowledge and experience, students are encouraged to gain international certifications and undertake graduate projects, internships, and enterprise visits. Additionally, the graduate program includes logistics and business management with the goal of cultivating and enhancing students’ capability of theoretical logic, integration, and innovative research.
    • The Center of Information Technology Innovation Services
      The features of which are:
      1.Applying information technology to assist industry employed innovation business models and enhanced service values, 2. Integrating the professional competencies of college faculties to provide practical services and enhance R&D abilities, and 3. Integrating cross-disciplinary faculties with following national policy to provide services for local and emerging industries. The main R&D topics include industry-academy cooperation and vocation practical oriented issues.
  • Facility Resources
    There are 55 full-time faculty members in the college, including 22 professors, 16 associate professors, 16 assistant professors, 1 lecturer.
  • Facility Resources
    In addition to the continuous expansion of hardware and software in recent years, our college is devoted to establishing a cloud-based intelligence IoT laboratory and space for Maker, with the purpose of establishing a private cloud platform for teaching and experiments to develop intelligent technical service.