Holistic Education Committee
  • Key Features
    The cornerstones of holistic education are the four major objectives that the university hopes to accomplish: broad vision, smart service, diverse learning, and modern campus. Holistic education is introduced to help the students develop a broad vision through interdisciplinary learning and inspire them to care for people, society, and the environment. Smart services and a diversified interactive learning environment ensure they have a robust mind and body to take action. The Holistic Education Committee includes three academic units, namely the General Education Center, the Language Center, and the Office of Physical Education. The variety of programs and activities contribute to the formation of capabilities in students required for cross-disciplinary and international endeavors and lifetime sports. The hope is that students become modern citizens, able to express themselves in foreign languages, and get into the good habit of exercising.
  • Administrative Organization
    Holistic Education Committee includes 3 academic units:
    • General Education Center
    • Language Center
    • Office of Physical Education
    (includes 1 research center)
    Center for Taichung Regional and Social Development Research
  • Faculty
    There are 64 teachers, including 14 professors, 20 associate professors, 15 assistant professors, and 15 lecturers.
  • Facility Resources
    All three units are equipped with administration offices and meeting rooms, while all teachers have their own research offices. In terms of professional classrooms, there is one music room and one room with wooden floors in the General Education Center, and six multi-media rooms for language teaching in the Language Center. In the Office of Physical Education, the borrowing and returning of equipment is computerized. All equipment available for activities such as table tennis, basketball, softball, tennis, badminton, korfball, and golf meet safety criteria. In addition, the three units under the Holistic Education Committee regularly purchase books, magazines, DVDs, and multiple learning software packages to facilitate the learning of English and Japanese every year.