College of Commerce
  • Key Features
    1. Putting equal emphasis on fine character and professionalism, and cultivating interdisciplinary professionals: to satisfy the development features of service technology, we conduct lectures on financial technology (Fintech) and innovative service, which not only contribute to professional innovation and diversity but also focus on individual character, ethics in the workplace and spirit of service.
    2. Committing to connecting professions with real life and developing interdisciplinary programs: to achieve the goal of cultivating interdisciplinary professionals, we continually review the indicators of core abilities at the levels of department, college and university, by exploring industry environment and emphasizing practical training. Meanwhile, we offer interdepartmental programs to increase horizontal synergy, helping students plan their careers.
    3. Building up partnerships with entities outside the University and enhancing industry- academy cooperation: we encourage our faculty to leap at chances for large interdisciplinary programs, look forward to establishing relationships with our shareholders and partners and see shared growth for all. We deeply develop joint partnerships with international academic partners, increasing the benefits from such partnerships, and promote international exchanges such as joint dual-degree programs, academic exchanges and enrollment of foreign students.
    4. Integrating the College of Business to enhance innovative learning: we put emphasis on complementing and integrating resources among the departments of the college, upholding a resource-sharing principle. We encourage planning to hire instructors with practical experience, and teaching methods such as workplace experience and digital learning, in order to optimize teaching quality and strengthen the connection between teacher and students.
  • Organization
    The College includes 8 departments and 1 industry center.
    • Department of International Business
    • Department of Accounting Information
    • Department of Insurance and Finance
    • Department of Business Administration
    • Graduate School of Taxation and Finance Management, Department of Public Finance and Taxation
    • Department of Finance
    • Department of Applied Statistics
    • Department of Leisure and Recreation Management
    • Center for Industrial Big Data
  • Faculty
    There are 128 full-time faculty members, including 34 professors, 54 associate professors, 39 assistant professors and 1 instructors in our college.
  • Facility Resources
    • 5 computer classrooms with 305 PCs; one simulated stock exchange market.
    • International Conference Room with the capacity for 180 people.
    • 4 discussion rooms with seats for 25 people each
    • A range of softwares for teaching, such as SPSS, AMOS STATISTICA, Matlab, Eviews, Minitab, Workflow ERP, WSTP Accountant Assistant, Tax Compliance Audit System, IFRS Individual/Consolidated Financial Report, Hua Life Insurance (PCS), R Data Analysis & Guiding System-Cloud (DAGS.C), Amadeus Information System (AIS) Taiwan, Evaluation System for Financial Certificate, etc.