Office of Physical Education

Educational Objectives

1. Teaching: The office develops students’ creativity and critical-thinking based on human-oriented philosophy, diverse tutorials and lively teaching methods. Furthermore, the ultimate goal is to establish the life-long exercise habits for students by fun courses.
2. Athletics: We help students develop the foundation of team work, and teach them about the concept of commitment, fairness, sportsmanship, and self-transcendence. Moreover, Students can learn the positive attitude of managing stress and frustration, and further develop an optimistic life-style.

Characteristics of Academic Development

1. Courses for freshmen, sophomores, and junior students in the junior college and freshmen in the four-year college are managed by Office of Physical Education; scheduled courses are taught at designated facilities. The objective of our diverse courses is to help students develop all-around fitness.


2. The courses designed for sophomores and junior students in the four-year college and senior students in the junior college are based on Career Physical Development. The courses are categorized by different sport projects. Students can select and rank courses with their interests and later decided by the computerized system.

3. There are five specialized physical education categories: ball games, dancing, water sports, physical training, and others. There are about 16 options for students to select. These courses will build the basic skills of each sport for students, build fitness, and create the interest in exercise.

4. The General Education courses in the exercise and health field are designed for all students including those in the two-year college. Thus far there are 13 theoretical and practical courses welcomed by students with positive feedbacks.


5. The courses in the Adapted Physical Education are designed for students with a disability.