General Education Center

The Focus and Feature of Development

General education at the School includes courses of core general education and liberal arts. Appropriate courses are held in various fields in accordance with the number of students in various academic systems. Liberal arts courses strive to be diversified and in line with the prospect of the School, student demands, social trends and modern ideas.


With the liberal arts courses, the center holds “Liberal Talk” each month with scholars and experts invited as speakers for students. The “General Education Center website” with all administrative business information is for public references. Each full-time teacher in General Education Center has a designed Web page with details of the teacher’s writings, papers, participated activities and related information that will be updated time to time.

Teaching Environment and Curriculum

General Education Center provides students from various school groups with the best general education in order to strengthen their competitiveness.


In General Education Center, there are 1 music classroom, 1 office, several teachers’ laboratories, and a number of books, desktop computers, notebook computers and projectors.