Office of International Affairs

Features of Developments

  1. We aim to internationalize our students by excelling their foreign languages abilities, cultivating their global mobility. At the same time, we upgrade our university’s quality of internationalization. By introducing many cultures, we create a diverse multicultural campus.
  2. By establishing effective ways and regulations and creating international learning environments to recruit more international students.
  3. To provide more ways of international interactions for our faculties and students, we sign up MOU with more foreign sister universities and establish concrete cooperation with our sister universities.

Introduction of Current Status

The Office of International Affairs consists of four subordinates, namely the International and Cross-Straits Cooperation Section, the International Student Exchange Section, the Cross-Straits Students Exchange Section, and the Chinese Language Center, with a total of 10 staff members. Since the establishment in August 2015, the Office of International Affairs has been devoted to promoting international cooperation and exchanges as well as recruiting and counselling foreign students. Currently, we have established international cooperation and partnerships with 91 sister schools in Europe, America, Asia, and Oceania, to carry out short-term exchange programs, dual degree programs, study tours in winter and summer vacations, conferences and academic visits, etc.