Office of Internal Audits

The Focus and Feature of Development

Optimize the school's affairs operation management and check the appropriateness and effectiveness of the internal control system, measure the effectiveness and efficiency of school operations, and take the school's development plan as the goal, provide timely suggestions for improvement, and ensure that the internal control system can continue to operate effectively.

Introduction of Current Status

In order to strengthen the effectiveness of school affairs operation and management, implement compliance with laws and regulations, ensure the safety of assets, and provide reliable targets, we have adopted the "National University School Academies Funds Regulations" and "National University School Academies Fund Management and Supervision Methods". An audit room is set up under the direct supervision of the principal. There is a director in the audit room, who is appointed by the principal as a full-time professor or associate professor, who is in charge of the internal audit business. One to several full-time auditors can be contracted to perform internal audit work. There is currently one director and one contract staff team member.