Center of Environment, Safety, and Health

The Focus and Feature of Development

Adhering to the concept of forward-looking planning and pragmatic implementation, the center adheres to the three principles of education, professionalism and technology, and strives to achieve the following environmental and occupational safety and health work goals.

  1. Take root in environmental education, fulfill energy conservation and environmental protection, and build a sustainable university campus.
  2. Strengthen the knowledge of occupational safety and health, attach importance to risk management and prevent occupational disasters on campus.
  3. Prevent workplace violations, attach importance to health management, and avoid occupational injuries.
  4. Construct a user friendly and healthy workplace without environmental pollution and occupational hazards.

Introduction of Current Status

The office of the center is located in Room 3102, 1st floor, Zhongzheng Building, Sanmin Campus. In addition to the head of the center, the center has a team leader, an occupational safety and health management staff, an environmental technology and technical support staff, and an occupational safety and health nurse. The team of this center is responsible for handling occupational safety and health and environmental protection related work of the university.