Open College

The Focus and Feature of Development

In addition to the open admissions, the college broke the traditional learning model with multimedia interactive teachings by computers, TVs, radios, correspondence courses and the face-to-face teaching. Students can register in one place and study in all counseling departments around the country. With excellent teachers, equipment and resources, maximal educational benefits are created. Our students includes senior citizens, middle-aged and young generations.

Introduction of Current Status

【The college】 Students in the department of Applied Business who complete the seventy-two credits will be granted the bachelor’s degree.

【The Junior college】 There are departments of International Trade, Accounting Section, Corporate Management , Information Management, Finance and Applied Foreign Languages. Students who complete 80 credits will be granted the associate bachelor’s degree.

【Teachers】 To meet the needs of the community to learn practical skills, most teachers have master degrees with practical experiences to help students.

【Students】 The college mainly recruits young people who graduated from 2-year, 3-year and 5 year junior colleges or out-of-school youths with equivalent qualifications. The junior college mainly recruits students who graduated from senior high schools or out-of-school youths with equivalent qualifications.

【Partners】 The distance teaching is provided by both Taipei College of Business and us and is one of the most significant feature of our system cooperating with Chinese Television Company to upload the tutorials on the television, the radio channel and the website.