Career Counseling Center

The Focus and Feature of Development

【Annual key task of counseling section】 Freshmen counseling services and mentoring trainings

【Annual key task of service learning counseling】Service learning curriculum planning and school-loving services

【Annual key task of Internship and career counseling section】Awards for student gaining licenses, investigations of graduates and employment counseling services

Introduction of Current Status

【Counseling section】The section is responsible for the work plan, the budget planning and implementation, student psychological counseling services including dropping-out students, relevant issues of Gender Equity Education Committee, mentoring trainings, handicapped students counseling services and resource classroom management.

【Service learning counseling section】The section is responsible for planning, execution, reviewing and incentives of the service and learning curriculum, formulation of administrative promotion methods, the selection of communities or cooperation agencies, coordination on promoting routine environmental maintenance services as school-loving services and holding volunteer trainings and relevant promotions.

【Internship and employment counseling section】Employment counseling services, employment seminars, vendors’ recruiters activities in the campus, handling the students’ career intention analysis, handling awards for student gaining licenses, assisting in planning internships and relevant issues, and providing employment opportunities for students.