The Focus and Feature of Development

Ever since the library moved to the Zhongshang building after its inauguration in the summer of 1997, it not only serves the function in book collections and activities, but also provides a comfortable reading area with popular books. The information system group was also established in August of 2008 to actively update the system for e-formalization. Important collections, school historical information, teachers’ publications and important local cultural and historical information will be gradually digitized, hoping to permanently preserve historical artifacts and wisdom assets.

Introduction of Current Status

There is the information area for people to search books online with computers, printers and scanners are also provided. There is a small cinema room in the video area for students to enjoy watching movies. The reading fair will be held from time to time to promote study and research ethos for teachers and students.
In addition to enriching the library collection, the library also builds the digital archives, and actively participates in various domestic and foreign alliances to sharing resources.