Office of Research and Development

The Focus and Feature of Development

【Annual key task of Academic and Development Section】The section introduces academic research resources and encourages teachers to publish high-quality papers.

【Annual key task of Industry-Academia Cooperation and Internship Section】The section introduces industry-academia cooperation resources and strengthens the interaction between the industry, students and teachers.

【Annual key task of International Exchange Section】The section implements the Double Ten plan and assists in promoting various international exchange activities.

【Annual key task of Employment Counseling and Alumni Services Section】The section strengthens alumni contacts and creates internship opportunities with alumni resources.

Introduction of Current Status

【Academic Development Section】Writing the academic development plan / supporting other academic units to write academic plans / managing and promoting research plans / editing and printing school journals

【Industry-University Cooperation and Internship Section】Writing plans and strengthening the relationship with the industry / domestic and foreign academic exchanges / supporting technology exchanges in the industry/ counseling services

【International Exchange Section】 Writing international exchange plans / supporting other academic sections to promote foreign academic exchanges / helping foreign guests in visiting matters /subsidizing the faculty going abroad or attending international conferences / assisting in employment extension for foreign visiting professors and professor exchanges.

【Career Counseling and Alumni Services Section】 Alumni services and network connections / distinguished alumni services / editing alumni journals / assisting in school anniversary celebrations and alumni conferences / alumni fundraising / collecting school historical documents