Office of General Services

The Focus and Feature of Development

The office has been providing the software, hardware facilities and administrative supports to the school staff and students for teaching, researches and services. Our goal is to grow with humanity, rationalization, efficiency and institutionalization.

Introduction of Current Status

The core business of the office is divided into five sets:
 【Affair Section】 Property and labor management / construction procurement / cleaning the campus environment / assigning craftsmen, workers, security guards and drivers to work.

【Construction and Maintenance Section】Building and renovating all buildings and equipment / construction procurement / utility fee management / fire safety / elevator maintenance.

【Cashier Section】 Payment services including tuition, salaries, all incomes and expenses in our school.

 【Document Section】 Managing documents and mails / producing records for school meetings / planning and execution of electronic official documents.

【Custody Section】 Acquisition and registration of movable and immovable property/ handling insurance of various movable and immovable properties.