Office of Student Affairs

The Focus and Feature of Development

Based on the educational philosophy which resorts to promote innovative services and the stand-type talent cultivation, we construct a safe, friendly and welcoming environment with rules for students, and their individual characteristics are also taken into consideration.

Introduction of Current Status

【Life Counseling Section】 Statistical reports of student behaviors / military service deferments / the attendance tracking / class cadres workshops / students leave applications / class records / student insurances / lost and found / campus environment maintenance / letters / graduation / tuition waivers / traffic safety / freshmen and overseas Chinese student counseling / the student conduct system / parking applications

【Extracurricular Activities Section】 Club counseling and evaluation / department and class tours / freshmen contests / student part-time jobs / student loans / emergency assistance / scholarships / family supports for unemployed and disadvantaged families / grants for disadvantaged students / student life grants / tuition-free applications for the vocational school (the 5-year college)


【Health Section】 Sanitation promotion / health education workshops / emergency care / health checks / first aid education / disease prevention

【Dormitory Section】 Student counseling / local renting information / autonomy cadres / security / growing up and learning programs


【Academic Affairs Section of Mingsheng Campus】 Providing student services in Mingsheng Campus