Office of Academic Affairs

The Focus and Feature of Development

In the era of knowledge economy, along with the relocation of traditional industries in recent years, our labor market is oversupplied and human resources are misallocated. Facing this challenge, we integrate the resources between departments, continue to urge the computerization of academic and administrative affairs, reinforce the industry-academia cooperation program and improve teaching and learning qualities, hoping to prepare students for work successfully. The above-mentioned issues are key tasks for us.

Introduction of Current Status

【Curriculum Section】 The section manages the registry documents, registration, curriculum and classroom planning, overseas Chinese student tutoring, elaboration of the calendar, courses pre-selection, relevant standard curriculum operations, settings of the school system, enrollment procedures and brochures, the preparation for meetings of the multiple entrance system for universities and examinations.

 【Registry Section】 The section reserves the admission qualification for students, and also manages transfer applications, major changes, suspension, dropping out, performance appraisals, taking and dropping classes, and other related issues including grade business, the computerized enrollment and so on.

【Teaching and Learning Resource Center】 The center provides teachers and students with relevant information about teaching and learning. With our educational features, we not only focus on teacher’s professional developments, the student learning counseling, the tutorial production and the teaching evaluation, but also integrate other related resources online in order to facilitate the online application and activities as well as sharing teaching experiences.