Office of the Secretary

The Focus and Feature of Development

  1. We push the School to reach an agreement to promote the "2017 – 2020 School Development Plan".
  2. We promote innovative services and conduct various seminars to improve our service efficiency.
  3. We improve the relevant laws and regulations of the School and construct the school system.
  4. Follow-up surveys are evaluated to enhance the School’s administrative executing ability.
  5. We simplify the official process to improve the administrative efficiency.

Introduction of Current Status

  1. Confidential Business: We handle confidential documents, conferences and travel arrangements for the Principal .
  2. Integrated Services: We are responsible for follow-up surveys and evaluating executive council matters and filed cases of all divisions, and we also assist in the School’s Development Committee, Funding Audit Committee, Management Committee of the Endowment Fund and Teachers Appeals Board.
  3. Public Relations: We are responsible for the public relations and the school news publishing.
  4. Alumni Services: We maintain the alumni database for making alumni cards, fundraising and in-kind donations.
  5. Instruments: We verify the presentation of all divisions and coordinate important plans with other offices.